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The Theory & Hazard Perception Test

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The Theory test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions of which 43 must be answered correctly to achieve a pass. The standard time given is 57 minutes however those with special needs are allowed longer. The theory test is done on a touch screen computer headsets are available so you can listen to the questions being read in English. The test can be listened to in 15 other languages and also there is a video of the test in British sign language for those with hearing difficulties.

The hazard perception consits of 14 clips where you would use a mouse to highlight any hazards that appear a minimum of 44 must be achieved to pass the hazard perception.

Both parts of the test must acheive a pass otherwise both the theory and hazard perception will need to be retaken.

Areas the theory test covers are:

The theory test costs £30 (prices set by the DSA).

Books I’d recommend to prepare for the theory test are:
The Highway Code
The Driving manual
The official theory test for cars

Recommended Theory Practice Tests
As a member of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) I am happy to recommend their practise online theory tests. Clicking on the links below will start the tests in a new window.

Car Test 1
Car Test 2

Once you have passed your theory test you will have two years to complete your practical driving test. If a practical test is not taken and passed within two years a further theory test must be taken.